Van Ameyde Denmark awarded Sustainability Gold Medal

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Worldwide, sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions are becoming increasingly important focus points for businesses. Van Ameyde takes our responsibility for our planets future seriously, which is why we put sustainability at the heart of our business with the goal of being a CO2 neutral business by 2025.

In this connection, our Danish office has been evaluated and rated by EcoVadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings.

The rating takes place on the following four themes:

– Environment

– Labor & Human Rights

– Ethics

– Sustainable Procurement

We are very proud to announce that Van Ameyde Denmark has been awarded a gold medal for 2021 with excellent rating within Environment, Labor & Human Rights and Ethics.

If you want to know more about Van Ameyde Denmark’s sustainability initiatives, please contact Mr. Ernesto Menendez: ernesto.menendez@vanameyde.dk

You can read more about Ecovadis and their rating system here.

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