Vi forpligter os til positivt at påvirke udviklingen inden for miljø, samfund og økonomi gennem vores ledelsespraksis og markedstilstedeværelse. 


Vi vil fastholde tilliden fra kunder og aktionærer og vil indkorporere bæredygtighed i vores strategi og daglige drift. We aim at maintaining the trust of our customers and shareholders and integrating sustainability into our strategy and daily operations.


Zero tollerance of corruption

Collaboration with social sector

Adherence to code of conduct

Our activities


Conducting trainings and workshops on ethical values in the company especially for client facing employees.

Fair business

Our operations do not restrict competition and we refrain from increasing the market position in an abusive manner.

Zero tolerance

Corruption, discrimination and ensuring there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of our business or supply chains.

Adherence to code of conduct

Our code of conduct to be adherence to by all employees and suppiers.

No discrimination

Equal treatment to all stakeholders and reliable access to information about company’s activities.

Know more about our plans and progress so far

Recently, we have begun documenting our sustainability progress and committed to create a sustainability progress and goals report every year. The Sustianbaility statement, Vision 2030 and the ESG Declaration will soon be available. Download the most recent reports on sustainability, future plans and progress at Van Ameyde when available.

Sustainability Statement

Our transition plan towards sustainability.

Vision 2030

Plans for the Net zero transition.

ESG declaration

Compliance with GRI standards in line with the ESG declarations.

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